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See All of Customers Detail in 1 Place!

Robust CRM

See every detail about your customers all in 1 place! Our Customer profile page features customer specific analytics, booking history, notes/attachments, and much more! You will have the ability to see historical jobs and future jobs directly from each profile, giving you complete control from 1 place – Maidily.

Stay on Top of Every Single Job with Scheduling

Job Assignment

Stay on top of every single job with our scheduling command center. Assign maids to jobs with just one click and send out maid reminders with another single click. Our scheduling system is powerful enough to automatically create recurring jobs. Hands off tracking!

Task Function : Keep Your Productivity As High As Possible


Keep your productivity as high as possible using our task function. Track your growing to-do list and never miss a beat. View your completed tasks or use our time range filters to see what your tasks were previously and what is due currently. Doesn’t get much easier than this.

Seamlessly Cancel Jobs Only with 1 Click


Seamlessly cancel jobs with 1-click and let us handle the receipt, cancellation tracking, and notation in scheduling. Receipts automatically send for cancelled jobs and the number of cancellations is tracked in our various analytics within. Cancelled jobs will disappear from your scheduling view. Keep this number low!

Manage Key Aspects of Your Business


Manage key aspects of your business with visibility into key metrics using our predefined reporting. View and export your customer list, payroll, revenue, cancellations, and unpaid customers (more included). Sort through the report using our predefined column values and customize your view for an optimized business outlook. Like data? You’ll love this.

Drive Your Sales Higher Than They’ve Ever Been


Create discounts to offer your customers using our discount functionality and drive your sales higher than they have ever been! Set expiration dates on discount coupons, set their statuses to active or inactive at any point in time. Quickly check how many times a discount has been used and on what jobs. How nice is that?

Manage Your Customer Subscriptions with Ease


Manage your customer subscriptions with ease and let Maidily keep track of jobs by automatically recreating each job on the schedule for you! No more manual tracking and no more missed opportunities due to calendar glitches or manual errors. More hands off!

Regain Full Control of Your Products


Regain full control of your pricing and the products you offer to your customers for full transparency. Choose to integrate your products and pricing with our online booking conversion forms or just keep everything internal! Activate subscriptions, create extras (upsell), and keep things simple with our standardized pricing methodology with ease for a full turnkey solution offered to your customers. Your customers will love this!

Latest Updates to Maidily

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Maidily app is live on Apple and Android stores (11/05/2021)

Maidily 3.0

QuickBooks is live on Maidily (11/05/2021)

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