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Mony and Daniel created Maidily to simplify the core functions of running a cleaning business while maintaining flexibility to provide the highest level of service to customers.

Maidily enables you to take charge of your business and grow it the way you want. With Maidily, no longer will the business run you but YOU will run the business.

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Mony’s inspiration for Maidily came from being the owner of Maid to Glow, a cleaning service company in Atlanta, serving more than 500 customers each year.

With a passion to give other cleaning business owners an opportunity to grow their business Mony believes Maidily will be the tool that will take all the stress out of running a business.

As a normal human, Mony enjoys traveling, doing lots of Bulgarian things, eating unique foods (lots of food…), exercising, hanging out with his pup, Leo, and trying on expensive watches that he will never buy.

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Daniel is your typical American millennial: he thinks he can save the world by using reusable bottles. In the real world, Daniel most recently served as Director of Strategy for a mid-sized Atlanta company, helping create scalable solutions.

Daniel’s passion is to help small business owners, as his parents once were, gain financial and operational stability to find peace and to spend more time with their families.

In his free time, Daniel enjoys visiting new cities and trying very hard to seem like a local, reading philosophical gibberish, and being Asian—something he has years of experience in.

our promise

Within the first three months you will:

Have less stress in dealing with the day-to-day of running a cleaning business.

Gain a better grasp of your company and thereby feel more confident that you have control over your company.

Have happier employees who feel more confident in doing their job; and so much more!

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Whether you’re new to the cleaning service industry or a seasoned veteran, Maidily guarantees to improve your bottom line, free you to focus on what’s most important, and provide a visually stunning experience throughout.

Come join us at the table and see what we’re all about. Cheers!

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